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Northern Territory Public Holidays.

List of Public Holidays for Northern Territory or NT. This website is only for reference purpose. Public holiday dates are accurate at the time it was published but may be subject to change.

Public and regional holidays for the Northern Territory or NT are listed below.

From December 2016, the following days and times will be observed as public holidays for employment purposes:
Christmas Eve, 24 December - 7pm to midnight.
New Year's Eve, 31 December - 7pm to midnight.

HOLIDAY 2018 2019 2020
New Year's Day 1 Jan, Mon 1 Jan, Tue 1 Jan, Wed
Australia Day 26 Jan, Fri 28 Jan, Mon * (26 Jan, Sat) 27 Jan, Mon * (26 Jan, Sun)
Good Friday 30 Mar, Fri 19 Apr, Fri 10 Apr, Fri
Easter Saturday 31 Mar, Sat 20 Apr, Sat 11 Apr, Sat
Easter Monday 2 Apr, Sun 22 Apr, Sun 13 Apr, Sun
ANZAC Day 25 Apr, Wed 25 Apr, Thu 25 Apr, Sat
May Day 7 May, Mon 6 May, Mon 4 May, Mon
Queen's Birthday 11 Jun, Mon 10 Jun, Mon 8 Jun, Mon
Picnic Day 6 Aug, Mon 5 Aug, Mon 3 Aug, Mon
Christmas Eve, 7pm - midnight 24 Dec, Mon 24 Dec, Tue 24 Dec, Thu
Christmas Day 25 Dec, Tue 25 Dec, Wed 25 Dec, Fri
Boxing Day 26 Dec, Wed 26 Dec, Thu 28 Dec, Mon * (26 Dec, Sat)
New Year's Eve, 7pm - midnight 31 Dec, Mon 31 Dec, Tue 31 Dec, Thu

Regional Holidays

HOLIDAY 2018 2019 2020
Borroloola Show Day 29 Jun, Fri 28 Jun, Fri 26 Jun, Fri
Alice Springs Show Day 6 Jul, Fri 5 Jul, Fri 3 Jul, Fri
Tennant Creek Show Day 13 Jul, Fri 12 Jul Fri 10 Jul, Fri
Katherine Show Day 20 Jul, Fri 19 Jul, Fri 17 Jul, Fri
Darwin Show Day 27 Jul, Fri 26 Jul, Fri 24 Jul, Fri

* When New Year's Day, Australia Day or Boxing Day falls on a weekend, there will be no public holiday on that day, but the following Monday/weekday will be declared a public holiday.

All public holiday dates are accurate at the time of publication, but may be subject to change. Information sourced from: public holiday dates
For more information about your obligations, rights and entitlements regarding public holidays visit:

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